New Episode of eTogaTrek: Roman Clothing!

Learn about Ancient Roman clothing! Travel back in time to ancient Rome!

Would you like to dress like an Ancient Roman? Join us as we explore the clothing for Roman men, women, and children.

Learn all about the toga and tunica, and then dress up your favorite stuffed animal like an Ancient Roman! Start your eTogaTrek now!


Building a Path to Knowledge
Watch this video to see what Ascanius is all about. In these difficult times, we are trying to make affordable programs available to students of all backgrounds. The generosity of individual donors and organizations helps make this happen, and you can be a part of it.
Iter Ascanii: The Journey of Ascanius
Ascanius looks back on the events of 2013: LatinSummer programs, new and continuing partnerships, teacher programs, a new Classical Promise recipient, and a perspective from Kelly Workman, an elementary school gifted teacher. Read more here!


SCRIBO: An International Composition Contest
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eTogaTrek: 2014-2015
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Activitates Liberis, vol. II:
Leap into Latin
A New Action-Packed Curriculum Guide
for Classical and Conversational Latin!
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Introducing: Vocabula Picta
An Illustrated Latin Lexicon for the Modern World
A new Latin picture dictionary!
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