About Ascanius: Committees & Teams

eTogaTrek Committee (etogatrek@ascaniusyci.org)

The eTogaTrek Committee oversees and publicizes the eTogaTrek video series.

  • Cynthia Cheng, Chair
  • Norma Z. Glennon
  • Kevin Jefferson
  • Grace de Majewski
  • Nicole Wellington
LatinSummer Online Committee (LSO@ascaniusyci.org)

LatinSummer Online will be an opportunity for students around the world to experience the joy of LatinSummer over the internet through engaging and interactive learning methods.

  • Irene Morrison-Moncure, Chair
  • Barbara Caceres
  • Daniel Cummings
  • Jo Feingold
  • Will Gibson
  • Jeff Hanson
  • Natalie Hunter
  • Taylor Johnson
  • Paige Receveur
  • Alberto Regagliolo
Logistics Committee (info@ascaniusyci.org)

The Logistics Committee aids in the day-to-day operations of the Institute.

  • Matthew Katsenes
Marketing & Development Committee (marketing@ascaniusyci.org)

The Marketing & Development Committee runs the Membership Program for teachers, parents, and supporters of Ascanius. The Committee also organizes fundraising opportunities for the Institute.

  • Kristen Bortner, Chair
  • Barbara Caceres
  • Judith S. Koffler, J.D., LL.M.
  • Skye Shirley
Publications Committee (publications@ascaniusyci.org)

The Publications Committee oversees and maintains the Institute's current publications and develops new publications. The Institute's publications aim to benefit teachers and students in exploring Latin, Greek, and Ancient Greco-Roman society.

  • Nadia Ghosheh, Chair
  • Ariel Baska
  • Jan-Piet Knijff
  • Joan Tomaszewski
Scholarships Committee (scholarships@ascaniusyci.org)

The Scholarships Committee oversees the Classical Promise scholarships for high school and college students.

  • Brandy Henricks, Chair
SCRIBO Committee (scribo@ascaniusyci.org)

The SCRIBO Committee organizes and runs SCRIBO: The International Composition Contest for Latin students from the exploratory to upper levels.

  • Kathryn Albee, Chair
  • Kathleen Braden
  • Susan Brown
  • Emily Lewis
  • Kelly Northrup
  • Arianne Potter
Student Outreach Committee (outreach@ascaniusyci.org)

The Student Outreach Committee plans and runs the Student Programs for elementary and middle school students throughout the year.

  • Lana Lea, Chair
  • Talia Chicerio
  • Monique Harrington
  • Tim Lesinski
  • Katherine Alex Stevens
  • Emma Vanderpool
Summer Programs

The Institute is preparing two summer programs: LatinSummer NYC for elementary and middle school students; Roman Explorations in Rome for elementary and middle school teachers.

  • Bryan Whitchurch, LatinSummer NYC
  • Skye Shirley, Rome Programs
Teacher Programs Committee (teachers@ascaniusyci.org)

The Teacher Programs Committee plans and runs Teacher Programs throughout the year, including Let's Learn Latin workshops for elementary and middle school teachers.

  • Matthew Webb, Chair
Technology & Social Media Committee (tech@ascaniusyci.org)

The Technology & Social Media Committee maintains the Institute website and official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • Kevin Jefferson, Chair
  • Jo Feingold