About Ascanius: Contact Us

When the Romans wanted to contact each other, they had to find a messenger to carry their letters from one town to another - they had to pay a lot of money, and sometimes it would take weeks for the message to arrive! Luckily, there are several faster ways you can contact us:

For all general inquiries, please email info@ascaniusyci.org.

For information regarding our publications, including the status of a recent purchase, please email publications@ascaniusyci.org.

For information regarding your registration for an upcoming program, please email registration@ascaniusyci.org.

You may call us at (617) 902-0753, or send us a fax at (413) 502-3619.

If you wish to send something by postal mail, please address it to:

Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute
P.O. Box 11352
Burke, VA 22009 U.S.A.

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