Student Programs: Curriculum Design

Are you looking for curricula to help excite elementary and middle school students about the Classics in your school? Do you have specific topics you are interested in presenting to the students at your school but don't know where to start? The Institute can provide specialized curricula developed specially for your classrooms and even train teachers to implement the curriculum!

Curriculum Guides

Check out our available activity and curriculum guides. The Activitates Liberis series provides myriad fun activity ideas designed for students at the elementary and middle school levels!

Specialized Curriculum

If there is a set of specific topics you would like for your curriculum to include, we can work with you to craft a curriculum that is tailored to your students' interests! For a small fee, we can create an entire curriculum for your teachers to use in their classrooms. Email Kevin Jefferson, Director of Student Programs, at for the first steps to your new curriculum!

Teacher Training

We can also present workshops and inservices for your teachers to provide teachers with some guidance in implementing your new curriculum! Check out our offerings for teacher workshops to learn more. Prices for workshops include the curriculum development phase; you can craft your own selection of topics for the workshop!