eTogaTrek: The Roman Family

Kelly Hart
Tess Jacobson
Marie Murphy
Katherine Owensby
Colleen Roney

Kevin Jefferson

with special thanks to
Chloè Benner
Caitlin Campbell
Nadia Ghosheh
Kate Preble
Brad Jefferson
Matthew Webb
Students of LatinSummer Boston 2014

eTogaTrek Committee 2014-2015
Cynthia Cheng
Grace de Majewski, Chair
Kevin Jefferson, Advisor
Elizabeth Shaw

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Take a trip back in time to Ancient Rome!
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Episode 1: Families and Bullas
How would your life have been different in Ancient Rome? Learn about what it was like to be a child in a Roman family. You'll have a chance to make a bulla just like Roman children wore!

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Episode 2: Roman Clothing
Would you like to dress like an Ancient Roman? Join us as we explore the clothing for Roman men, women, and children. Learn all about the toga and tunica, and then dress up your favorite stuffed animal like an Ancient Roman!
Episode 3: Architecture
Would you like to see an Ancient Roman temple? Join us as we explore the architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome. Learn all about columns and capitals, friezes and pediments, then create your own Roman temple at home!!
Episode 4: Mosaics
Explore Ancient Roman art through mosaics! Learn about how mosaics were made and how they were used. You'll have a chance to take a virtual tour of a large Roman mosaic and even make your own edible art!
Episode 5: Games
Explore the games that Ancient Roman children used to play! Learn how to play a Roman board game called Rota with a friend. You'll have a chance to make your own version of Roman dice and try out some games with them!

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  • Episode 1: Families and Bullas (October 21, 2014)
  • Episode 2: Clothing (December 1, 2014)
  • Episode 3: Greek & Roman Architecture (January 26, 2015)
  • Episode 4: Mosaics (May 15, 2015)
  • Episode 5: Games and Knucklebones (June 5, 2015)