Search Opens for LatinSummer 2013 and 2014

Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute would like to invite your school district to apply to host LatinSummer 2013 or 2014. The Institute and its student program, LatinSummer, are dedicated to promoting the study of Latin and the classical world at the elementary school level. Over the past ten years, LatinSummer has been an inspiration to hundreds of elementary school students throughout the nation.

"LatinSummer is a great program. You learn a lot, the kids are just like you, and it's FUN!" - student, LatinSummer 2009

Latin has consistently been proven to increase English vocabulary skills and reading comprehension, especially among elementary school students. In one study, elementary school students who took Latin performed a full five months ahead of their peers in control groups. Latin has also been proven to increase students' skills of logic and reason, to enhance their ability to think critically and creatively, and to improve their sense of self-confidence. Latin is a powerful tool that has also been used by elementary teachers and administrators to satisfy state and national standards, and to include students who have historically been excluded from the regular classroom.

LatinSummer is the largest program of its type in the nation. Held in July or August of each year, students of the two-week program take part in exciting classes, on topics such as Classical Latin, Conversational Latin, Classical Mythology, Roman Culture and Daily Life, and Classical Greek. In each of these classes, participants broaden not only their cultural horizons, but also their knowledge of the foundations of the Western world, by learning about the Olympian gods and goddesses, Roman history and architecture, and much more. They also have the opportunity to learn, and even speak, the Latin and Greek languages. Further, participants take part in a daily activity period that encourages them to think creatively and critically about the ancient world.

"My kids got a lot out of the program, learned many new things, expanded on knowledge they already had, and wanted to keep coming. It was interesting and had the right amount of challenge." - parent, LatinSummer 2009

The Institute invites all interested school districts to apply to host its LatinSummer programs in 2013, or 2014. We enthusiastically encourage you to contact the Institute at (866) 933-9466 or email Matthew Webb at