Roman Explorers: Request a Program

Staff from the Institute are available to provide short, exciting programs to introduce Latin and the classical world to elementary and middle school students. Topics may be chosen by the client from the Roman Explorers curriculum, including sessions in Latin, mythology, Roman culture, and English word study. Experienced and award-winning faculty who have spearheaded the drive to incorporate Classics in the elementary grades serve as the instructors, working with a tried-and-true curriculum.

Cost for Roman Explorers

The cost of a Roman Explorers program varies based on the number of participating students. Inclusive of materials, a workshop may cost:

Half-Day Workshop: $350 (plus transportation)
Full-Day Workshop: $550 (plus transportation)

Thanks to generous donations, our workshops are often provided free of charge or at a discount to schools in rural and urban areas, as well as to schools in select other areas of the country. We will work with your school to ensure that Roman Explorers is affordable and tailored to your needs.

The deadline for applying for a free program is September 1, 2016.
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