Seeking Latin Enrichment Class Instructor

Location: Boston, Massachusetts (West Roxbury & Brookline)
Starting Date: October 4, 2013
Designation: Latin Enrichment Class Instructor
Primary Contact: Matthew D. Webb, Executive Director
Secondary Contact: Irene Morrison-Moncure, Assistant Director of Student Programs
Phone: 866-933-9466
Fax: 413-502-3619


This fall and winter, Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute will begin a Latin enrichment class for students in grades 5-8 in and around the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts and the town of Brookline, Massachusetts. The class will begin in early October and will run for 12 weeks, meeting once per week on Fridays for 2 hours in the late afternoon / early evening (precise location, course length, day of the week, and exact times tentative at this point). The aim of the class would be to give students the rough equivalent of half of a high school Latin 1 course. Text used will be the Cambridge Latin Course. Maximum class size is 15 students.

This class will be an opportunity for students to get a head start on Latin for when they get to middle school / high school, or provide an opportunity for students to study Latin in the case that their regular school does not offer it.

If the class is successful, an additional class in the spring may be offered which will complete the rough equivalency of a high school Latin 1 course.

Successful candidate will be fully responsible for planning the course (prior to its beginning), instructing the course, and writing weekly brief narrative reports about each student to their parents. Logistical matters such as class registration and payment will be handled by the Ascanius Office.

The preferred applicant will:

  1. demonstrate an enthusiasm about teaching middle school children,
  2. have successful experience working with middle school children,
  3. have experience teaching from a reading-based Latin textbook, and
  4. demonstrate creativity, energy, and a commitment to multiple intelligences in instruction and planning.

If interested, please submit the following:

  • resume
  • one letter of recommendation from someone who can attest to the preferred characteristics listed above
  • letter of intent describing your reasons for applying for this position
All items must be submitted electronically or via fax.

Teachers, professors, undergraduate students, and graduate students are all welcome to apply. Compensation is to be determined, but will most likely be in the $1,200 to $2,400 range. Successful candidate will serve as an independent contractor; no benefits are provided.