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Alpha is for Anthropos
by Therese Sellers; illustrations by Lucy Bell Jarka-Sellers

An alphabet book in Ancient Greek with an original Greek nursery rhyme for each letter of the Greek alphabet. Exquisite and playful illustrations in the style of Greek red-figure vase paintings complement the verses. Alpha is for Anthropos is a joyous introduction to Ancient Greek and the art and iconography of vase painting.

Hardcover: 56 pages
Published: November 1, 2013
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
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FREE EXTRA FEATURE: Companion Audio Recordings
Listen to the author perform the songs and nursery rhymes from the Alpha is for Anthropos collection. Perfect for use in the classroom or for listening to the verses!
Product Description:

Alpha is for Anthropos is a unique introduction to Ancient Greek and Greek vase painting for all ages. The text consists of twenty-four original nursery rhymes in Ancient Greek to be sung to familiar tunes. Each poem or song aims to teach a basic Greek vocabulary word while placing it in a broader cultural and linguistic context. The illustrations amplify the meanings of the words and songs with evocative allusions to Greek mythology and the world of Greek vase painting. This book is a treasure trove for anyone, child or adult, who wants an exuberant yet erudite introduction to the riches of Ancient Greek language, art and thought.

About the Authors
Therese Sellers and Lucy Bell Jarka-Sellers are sisters and classicists who began studying Ancient Greek as teenagers and went on to study Classics at Harvard. Their first artistic collaboration was a production of Euripides' Bacchae in the Harvard football stadium for which Therese directed the chorus in Ancient Greek and Lucy Bell drew the iconic publicity poster for the production in the style of a Greek red-figure vase. They both performed in the play as followers of Dionysus. After graduate studies in Classics, both sisters became teachers. While Lucy Bell teaches upper-level Greek and Latin, Therese specializes in teaching Ancient Greek to younger students. She composed the nursery rhymes in this book for the first children she taught. Her dream of having her sister illustrate the book became a reality when Lucy Bell was granted a sabbatical from teaching to complete the project.

Reviews of Alpha is for Anthropos

"My experience in using [the songs] with my students has been thoroughly successful - and, moreover, adds to their pleasure in learning what is often a daunting language. ... The illustrations completely enhance the verses for children, and offer chances to tell versions of the myths to curious little ones. ... In short, this is a beautifully produced, charming, engaging, and fun introduction to Ancient Greek. Alpha is for Anthropos should be a welcome addition to one's teaching repertoire, nursery, and list of shower gifts for classicist friends."

-- Elizabeth A. Manwell, The Classical Outlook Vol. 90, No. 2 (2014)

"Alpha for Anthropos is gorgeous. Illustrated by Lucy Bell Jarka-Sellers in the red-figure vase style, each page is rich and inviting. The matching coloring book is just like the hardbound book, minus the color, and my 'we're too big to color in coloring books' boys even wanted to color in some of the images (the Trojan Horse was the first to catch their eye). ... We love to listen to the audio, and sing along with it. The songs aren’t difficult, and the twins often sing them to themselves. Alpha is for Anthropos is a wonderful introduction to ancient Greek, in a format that makes it accessible to younger students, but students of all ages will love this."

-- Gail Nelson, Learning Tangent (read the full review)