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Ascanius Store: Iota Magazine (2011-2014)

produced by The Iris Project (www.irismagazine.org)
exclusively distributed in North America by Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute

Iota was a Classics magazine for younger children published between 2011-2014. It aims to introduce Classics and Latin in a fun, informative and engaging way, and its content is designed and written to fit in with curricula on the ancient Greeks and Romans. Copies of all 11 issues are available for purchase.

Published: 2011-2014
Paperback: approx. 24 pages per issue
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
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Product Description:

Iota was a Classically-themed magazine for elementary school students. Each full-color issue is approximately 24 pages and explores a god, a monster, a historical person, an object from the ancient Greco-Roman world, and Latin words. Students will enjoy the exciting stories, multitude of pictures, interactive games, and varied activities! There are 11 issues in the series, which you may purchase individually or as a set.

Jan. 2011
  • God: Demeter
  • Monster: Cerberus
  • Person: Ovid
  • Object: Chariot
  • English Word Study
May 2011
  • God: Athena
  • Monster: Cercopes
  • Person: Pliny
  • Object: Loom
  • English Word Study
Oct. 2011
  • God: Helios
  • Monster: The Minotaur
  • Person: Virgil
  • Object: Wax
  • English Word Study
Feb. 2012
  • God: Poseidon
  • Monster: Cyclops
  • Person: Herodotus
  • Object: Triremes
  • English Word Study
May 2012
  • God: Apollo
  • Place: Londinium
  • Person: Pindar
  • Object: Rhabdos
  • English Word Study
Oct. 2012
  • God: Bacchus
  • Monster: Scylla
  • Person: Catullus
  • Object: Sword
  • English Word Study
Feb. 2013
  • God: Pluto
  • Monster: Bacchae
  • Person: Sappho
  • Object: Lyre
  • English Word Study
May 2013
  • God: Hermes
  • Monster: Medusa
  • Person: Apollonius of Rhodes
  • Object: Shield
  • English Word Study
Oct. 2013
  • God: Hephaestus
  • Monster: Hekatonkheires
  • Person: Hesiod
  • Object: Jars
  • English Word Study
Feb. 2014
  • God: Asclepius
  • Monster: Chiron
  • Person: Hippocrates
  • Object: Ostagra
  • English Word Study
May 2014
  • Gods: Hera & Zeus
  • Monster: Chimera
  • People: Caesar & Horace
  • Object: Toga
  • English Word Study