Readers, Textbooks, & Reference

Canis Laetus Est
A cleverly illustrated "opposite book" teaching younger students various Latin nouns, verbs, and adjectives along with their antonyms.
Getting to Know Greek (All Editions)
A fun and exciting way for young students to explore the world and language of ancient Greece. Illustrated stories, online activities, and audio recordings accompany each chapter. Student text, student workbook, and teachers' guide available.
SCRIBO: Young Latin Authors (2011-2014)
The collection of short stories, comics, and poems, features the best student entries in SCRIBO, an international Latin composition contest! Designed for use in the classroom.
(Paperback, E-Book)
Vocabula Picta: An Illustrated Latin Lexicon for the Modern World
Floreat lingua Latina! This Latin picture dictionary is the perfect resource for using Latin in the modern world. Arranged thematically, the vocabulary is easily accessible to students during written and spoken exercises.
(Paperback, E-Book)