Programs for Teachers

Workshops by Ascanius staff members are held in many regions of the country throughout the year and include exciting hands-on ways to teach Latin and the classics. We have presentations and workshops for all audiences: whether you teach Latin in high school, art in elementary school, or math in middle school, our programs in the classics can provide exciting ideas for your classroom!

Upcoming Events for Teachers

How Ascanius, The Youth Institute can help the young learners of today become your Latin students of tomorrow - June 26, 2016
A workshop about the programs, offerings, and activity ideas from Ascanius
American Classical League Institute 2016
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Roman Explorations (Rome, Italy) - July 14 - 20, 2016
Let's Learn Latin Where It Was First Spoken!
Workshop & Guided Tours to the Sites of Rome, Italy
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Past Events for Teachers

Ascanius provides several workshops for teachers to explore exciting and refreshing ways to teach tomorrow's generation about the ancient World.

Publications Webinars - December 2015
Learn About Publications from Two of Our Authors!
Vocabula Picta with Anna Andresian and Leap into Latin with Kevin Jefferson
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Let's Learn Latin! - Deep South 2016
A Workshop for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
Explore Latin and How To Use It With Your Students
[Read More: New Orleans, LA - Mobile, AL - Jackson, MS]

I Came, I Saw, I Clicked (New Jersey) - October 11, 2013
A Technology Workshop for Latin Teachers
with the Classical Association of Atlantic States
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Carmina Discipulosque Cano (Boston) - November 30, 2012
Using Music to Enrich and Enliven the Latin Classroom
hosted at Glen Urquhart School (Boston area, MA)
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Eureka Conference 2012 - May 11-12, 2012
hosted at the Marion Gerrish Community Center (Derry, NH)
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