Teacher Workshops: Request a Program

To request a workshop or inservice from the Institute, send an email to Matthew Webb, Director of Teacher Programs (mwebb@ascaniusyci.org). In your email, be sure to include key contact information and describe any topics you would like for the program to address.

Potential target groups include: elementary and middle school teachers, Latin teachers, teachers of the gifted, and special education teachers.

You may choose from any of the potential topics listed below, or you may ask us to design a tailor-made half-day, full-day, or multi-day workshop on any topic related to Latin, ancient Greek, or Classical Studies for either Latin teachers or elementary/middle school teachers. There is no extra charge for the development of a new workshop.

Potential Topics for Latin Teachers

Latin for the 21st Century (Full-Day)
Annual workshops exploring new and innovative methods in Latin teaching. Includes multimedia, learning games, listening and speaking activities, kinesthetic activities, and more for teaching vocabulary, grammar, translation, and reading comprehension.

Latin Literature for All Ages (Full-Day)
Focuses on challenging yet engaging ways to incorporate authentic Latin texts at any level of Latin to explore Roman culture, arts, mythology, and comparative literature.

Ancient Roman & Greek Culture in the Latin Language Classroom (Full-Day)
Workshop focusing on how students can explore ancient Roman and Greek culture and its perennial influence. It emphasizes ways to integrate the study of culture into the study of language, as well as ideas, materials and resources for cultural readings and creative, hands-on, and technology-based projects.

Teaching Latin and Classics in the Elementary School (Half-Day)
This workshop is ideal for future Latin teachers or those engaged in teaching older students. We explore goals, curriculum, and methods of teaching Latin to elementary schoolers. We also discuss available resources and potential program structures.

Potential Topics for Non-Latin Teachers

Leap into Latin (Full-Day or Multi-Day)
Workshop preparing and training ES/MS teachers without a Classical background to incorporate basic elements of Latin and ancient Roman culture into their classrooms.

Word Building Through Latin (Full-Day)
Learn exciting ways to successfully incorporate Latin roots and prefixes, common English derivatives, as well as anatomical, scientific, and numerical terms from Latin into your classroom. An excellent workshop for those interested in building their students' vocabularies and word skills.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Integrating Classical Studies (Full-Day or Multi-Day)
Workshop giving elementary and middle school teachers the skills and engaging activities they need to weave Classical Studies into any subject that their classes already study, from science to math to fine arts to social studies to literature and more!

Unus, Duo, Tres Romani (Full-Day)
Workshop for preK-3rd grade teachers on teaching Latin, Classics, and a little Greek in the primary grades.

LatinSummer: A Model World Language Enrichment Curriculum (Half-Day)
Learn about how to develop, market, plan, and run a world language enrichment program in your school or school district. LatinSummer, the nation's oldest and largest program of its type, serves as our model.

Cost for Teacher Inservices

In order to support our mission and programs, there is a charge for teacher workshops or inservices conducted by our faculty and staff. We will work with your school to ensure that these programs are affordable; in particular we offer discounts for schools in rural or urban areas.

  • half-day teacher workshop: $450
  • full-day teacher workshop: $850
  • multi-day teacher workshop: $850 for first day + $450 for additional days

These costs include all necessary materials and presenter fees. These costs do not include transportation and lodging expenses. Costs in certain states can be much lower due to the proximity to our faculty and staff.

Previous Workshops & Presentations

  • Alexandria City Schools, Virginia
  • American Classical League Institute
  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
  • Classical Association of the Atlantic States
  • Classical Association of New England
  • Classical Association of Virginia
  • Fairfax County Schools, Virginia
  • Glen Urquhart School, Beverly, Massachusetts
  • National Gifted Curriculum Network Conference
  • National Junior Classical League
  • New Jersey Classical Association
  • Pennyslvania Classical Institute
  • Rome Built Day by Day Workshop
  • Shenandoah Valley Shared Professional Day
  • Virginia Association for the Gifted
  • Virginia Association of Independent Schools
  • Virginia Junior Classical League
  • Williamsburg-James City County Schools, Virginia