Publications Webinars 2015

Love Ascanius' publications? Want to learn more about how to use some of our amazing books and activity guides? Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute would like to invite you to their webinar series this December!

Webinar #1: Vocabula Picta
Session Leader: Anna Andresian, author
When: Saturday, December 5, 2015 (2:00pm EST)
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Learn about the book: Vocabula Picta
Webinar #2: Leap into Latin
Session Leader: Kevin Jefferson, editor
When: Tuesday, December 15, 2015 (5:30pm EST)
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Learn about the book: Leap into Latin

There is no registration fee for the webinar(s); however, a small donation would certainly be appreciated! Donations will be used to support future programs from Ascanius.

We highly recommend that you purchase either a hardcopy or ebook of Vocabula Picta or Leap into Latin before you attend the webinar(s) and take a look through the book(s)! Our authors are excited to hear your questions and what you have to say!

Topics of Discussion: Vocabula Picta

Some of the items Ms. Andresian will address are:

  • how Vocabula Picta came into existence
  • the overall features of Vocabula Picta
  • the objectives of Vocabula Picta
  • how the author found and assessed the legitimacy of the modern vocabulary
  • some interesting projects that teachers can create/assign using Vocabula Picta
  • some exciting games that you can play with Vocabula Picta
  • some easy everyday uses for Vocabula Picta
Topics of Discussion: Leap into Latin

Some of the items Mr. Jefferson will address are:

  • the format and intended goal of Leap into Latin
  • which lessons are good for a homeschool or single student environment
  • which activities can be modified for a high school environment
  • pairing Leap into Latin with Minimus, or any other text book
  • ways to use the companion resources (e.g. audio guide, Quizlet)
  • how to use this book to do word study and vocabulary building
  • some interesting projects, which teachers could easily assign for their students

Professional Development Credit
Participants may request a certificate documenting their 1 contact hour.

Meet the Authors
Anna Andresian
Author, Vocabula Picta

Ms. Anna Andresian is an educator with 11 years of Latin teaching experience in independent middle and upper schools. She has a particular interest in active Latin pedagogy, curriculum design, and education technology. Some of her other projects include "Looking at Latin: A Grammar for Pre-College" and, a Latin learning website. Ms. Andresian serves on the ACL Technology Committee and is on the board of SALVI. She currently resides in San Francisco and works as a software engineer at AltSchool.

Kevin S. Jefferson
Editor, Activitates Liberis, vol. II: Leap into Latin

Mr. Kevin Jefferson is a graduate student and teaching assistant for the Department of Classics at the University of Colorado Boulder. Prior to pursuing a graduate degree, he was Latin teacher and Latin Club sponsor at Woodgrove High School in Loudoun County, Virginia. He now directs the Latin Tournament of the Classical Association of Virginia. Mr. Jefferson formerly served as Director of Student Programs for Ascanius, in which role he helped to design, organize, and coordinate both the major LatinSummer programs and smaller student outreach programs. His professional memberships include the Classical Association of Virginia, the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, and the American Classical League. His personal interests include music, mythology, spoken Latin, and epic poetry.

Prepare to Attend
We will be using GoToWebinar for our hosting platform. Please check out the system requirements for attendees from GoToWebinar. If you have not used GoToWebinar before, we suggest that you join from your web browser. If you do not have a microphone/speaker (headset is recommended), you can ask questions through the live chat box that will appear on your screen during the webinar. If you have any questions about accessing GoToWebinar, please contact Nadia Ghosheh, Publications Committee Chair, at