Classical Promise Grants

Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge of and inspiring lifelong learning about Latin, Greek, and the ancient Greco-Roman world, especially at the elementary and middle school levels. Since 2000, we have served thousands of students and teachers on the east coast, west coast, and many places in between. We encourage today's youth to think critically about ancient societies and compare them to their daily life in the modern world.

The Classical Promise Grant allows enterprising teachers and students to engineer programs using both the organizational and financial support of Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute.

These grants are available to individuals who wish to create or maintain a Latin/Classical Studies program or event geared toward elementary/middle-school-aged students. Applicants may be:

  • high school students
  • college students
  • teachers
  • homeschool instructors
  • middle school students (if applying in conjunction with a sponsoring teacher/parent)

Please note that any individual may only receive one grant from Ascanius per academic year.

The exploratory program should:

  • be centered around fun and interactive lessons about the culture and language of the Roman world.
  • provide an opportunity for elementary/middle-school-aged school students to enjoy a taste of the Roman world.

Previous grants have funded programs such as:

  • plays based on Phaedrus' Fabulae,
  • after-school workshops introducing the basics of the Latin language and culture
  • summer programs focusing on Greco-Roman mythology and Classical history

Grant proposals can be used to help defray the costs of:

  • publicity
  • materials for props, sceneries, and costumes
  • food and drink for banquets
  • materials for art and culture lessons and more!

To help recipients plan and organize their programs, Ascanius will provide:

  • a one-time program consultation session
  • free access to the hundreds of lessons and activities developed by Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute
  • these include lessons on basic Latin topics (body parts, colors, numbers) as well as Roman cultural topics (art and architecture, theater, fashion, etc.).

At the conclusion of their program, recipients will be required to participate in a phone interview about their experience and submit a few photos for our yearly publication Iter Ascanii.

Classical Promise Grants are available in two sizes, "parva" and "maxima."

  • "Parva" - an amount from $50 to $200, providing funds for a one-time event.
  • "Maxima" - amounts up to $1,000, supporting a longer, more in-depth program (week-long, summer, monthly, etc.)

Recipients of the Classical Promise Grant, whether "parva" or "maxima," are encouraged to apply again the following year in order to receive assistance with the program's sustainability. Documentation of the completed program's success will be required, along with detailed plans for continuation and improvement. Recipients of a "maxima" Classical Promise Grant who show documentation of success in the first year may request funds greater than $1,000, which may be granted by the committee.

Applications may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed by the committee at the end of each month. For any questions, contact

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