Resources for Teachers

The Shooting Star: An E-Newsletter of Lessons & Activities
The Shooting Star is a collection of e-newsletters that were created as part of the Ascanius Membership Program. Each issue includes lesson plans and activity ideas centering around a common theme.
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Lesson Materials Collection
The Institute produces many materials for use in elementary and middle school classrooms and Latin classrooms, including lessons from LatinSummer and past workshops for teachers.
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Programs for Teachers

Workshops and presentations by Ascanius may be offered in various regions of the country and include exciting hands-on ways to teach Latin and the classics. Of particular interest to non-Latin teachers is our popular Let's Learn Latin workshop, in which teachers learn the basics of Latin through activities and lessons that they will be able to use in their own classrooms.

Recent Events for Teachers

Let's Learn Latin! (Winston-Salem) - March 2022
A Workshop for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
Explore Latin and How To Use It With Your Students
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Past Events for Teachers

Ascanius provides several workshops for teachers to explore exciting and refreshing ways to teach tomorrow's generation about the ancient World.

Your Community's Youngest Scholars: Hook Them on Classics - June 2019
A workshop about the programs, offerings, and activity ideas from Ascanius
American Classical League Institute 2016
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